The development of the scientific management led by Frederick Taylor earlier last century has a clear and direct influence on the development of both operations management and operations research. Moreover, that influence is not static, but rather a dynamic influence. Cleary, the scientific management is not considered a collection of techniques, “but rather an approach to management founded on a commitment to science and friendly cooperation” (Nyland, 1996, P.985). Furthermore Taylor argues that if these two elements, the commitment to science and the friendly cooperation are not adhered to by any organization, then he says that those organizations must not be recognized as being managed scientifically.

Furthermore, I believe that the future enhancement of the body of knowledge in the fields of operations management and operations research will be attributable to the early contributions by Frederick Taylor through his classical work on the principles of scientific management.

Finally, I would like to conclude this paper with a quotation from an article under the title called “One hundred years later: What would Frederick say?” in the opinion of this author, “if Frederick Taylor were to reappear in the industrial management scene today he would say something to the effect that after one hundred years, my ideas, my books, and my principles of scientific management have stood the test of test of time and have all been validated. Congratulations Frederick, we agree!” (Myers, 2011, P.11).

I too, join all the researchers and the scholars in congratulating Frederick Taylor on his one hundred years anniversary of his legend work on the scientific management.


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